To assess all edits made to pathways in the last 10 days.


  • Click the pathway image or title below to view the pathway at WikiPathways. You will need to be logged in at WikiPathways.
  • Use the history tab to compare the recent edit with the prior version. Does the edit (in red) match the comment? It is a valid change? If not, then revert the edit. If unsure, then start a discussion.
  • Consider adding quality tags to the pathway:
    • Approved version: Interactions must be complete and most datanodes must be annotated. Overall, the pathway model should be useful for data visualization and analysis.
    • Featured version: In addition to meeting the "Approved" criteria, the pathway must have a good description and one or more ontology tags. Overall, a Featured pathway should have a consistent and informative annotated layout that contributes to the understanding of the biological process.

    For New Pathways

    • Assess the pathway title. Titles should be less than 80 characters long and should not contain special characters. Titles should be descriptive, avoid too many acronyms.
    • Assess the technical and stylistic aspects of the content. Feel free to make changes to the pathway and start discussions pointing to training material (e.g, http://academy.wikipathways.org) or appropriate Help pages.
    • Add at least a top-level pathway ontology term.
    • Consider adding quality tags to the pathway:
      • Under Construction: the pathway appears incomplete, but has some real content.
      • Test Pathway: the pathway is entirely empty, is filled with random content, or has "Test" in the title.
    • If this is the author's first pathway (check by clicking on username and "my contributions"), then be sure to start a discussion welcoming them and offering help: "Thanks for starting a new pathway! If you need any help with the editing tools, check out http://academy.wikipathways.org and the Help pages on this site."

  • Click "Next pathway" to load the next pathway. The function simply counts down the pathways edited in the last 10 days. Refresh will restart the countdown.

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