To only keep the "Under construction" tag on pathways that are actively being edited.


  • Click the pathway image or title below to view the pathway at WikiPathways. You will need to be logged in at WikiPathways.
  • Remove the "Under construction" tag from any pathway that either appears complete or is OVER 30 DAYS old and is no longer being actively edited. Then process as follows:
    • If the pathway looks like a tutorial or test pathway, or has no database annotations, no recent edits, no description and unoriginal content, then add the "Request deletion" tag.
    • If the pathway has promise (e.g., some original content) but needs substantial work, then add the "Incomplete" tag, and add a note outlining necessary changes.
    • If the pathway is reasonably complete, but could still use some work, then add the "Needs work" tag , and add a note outlining suggested changes.
    • If the pathway is complete and meets the requirements for the Approved or Featured sets, then add the "Approved version" and "Featured version" tags.
  • Click "Next" to load the next pathway.

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