How to Cite

Depending on how you use WikiPathways, please consider citing one or more of the following articles:

Citing the WikiPathways project

Citing individual pathways

  • To cite a specific pathway, use its permalink, for example: The permalink for each pathway is available in the "options" menu. When citing the live version of a pathway, attribution of individual contributors is not necessary since it is continuously tracked and displayed on each pathway page.
  • To cite a specific version of a pathway, we recommend downloading the pathway as PDF (see "options" menu) and uploading it to Zenodo to generate a DOI that you can then reference in your paper. Alternatively, your can upload and image file or figure that you have made using WikPathways content. An example Zenodo record can be found here. Follow these steps:
    1. Log in to Zenodo. Accounts are free.
    2. Go to the WikiPathways community upload page.
    3. Upload a PDF (or image) of the pathway you want to reference.
    4. Complete the fields and click "Publish".