Welcome to the COVID-19 Pathway community page!

This special subset of disease pathways is being highlighted during the current COVID-19 pandemic. A paper about this project was published in Scientific Data: Ostaszewski, et al., Scientific data 7.1 (2020): 1-4. A more recent, longer paper from the whole community is available on bioRxiv: Ostaszewski, et al., bioRxiv 2020.10.26.356014.

Community Pathways

How to Contribute

We are helping to coordinate an international effort to build and curate pathway models relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you find or add a pathway at WikiPathways that should be included in this collection, please let us know by contacting Martina Kutmon (mkutmon[AT] Resources to get started:

Authors of Community Pathways

Amber, Fehrhart, AlexanderPico, Egonw, NhungP, Eweitz, L Dupuis, Evelo, MaintBot, Mkutmon, Conroy lipids, DeSl, CedricPluis, Liekevandenbogaart, Finterly, Khanspers, Andra, Laurent, AnnaNi, Marvin M2, Rex D A B, Penny, Jdoijen, GabrielCouillaud, Clairebillingsley, KJTLUC, AlinRus, Nuraytalih, Iljadw, SVossen, Lenaszabo, Clclass, RTokaai, C.F.Thorn, Jinwook, Thomas, MartijnVanIersel, Christine Chichester, and Nuno.