Alzheimer's disease and miRNA effects (WP2059)

This pathway displays current genes, proteolytic events and other processes associated with the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Note: mitochondrial associated genes Cx I through Cx V are not currently included, as these correspond to over a hundred distinct factors. See below source URL for more information. Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the [ CPTAC Assay Portal]
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Nsalomonis, Thomas, Khanspers, MaintBot, AlexanderPico, Jmelius, Egonw, Fehrhart, Lovnish.thakur, Susan, and Eweitz

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Homo sapiens


Diseases Rare Diseases


Pathway Ontology: disease pathway Alzheimer's disease pathway

Disease Ontology: Alzheimer's disease


Label Type Compact Identifier
IRS2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000185950
ATG14 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000126775
P3 peptide GeneProduct uniprot:P05067
NO Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003378
Induction of Apoptosis Pathway wikipathways:WP1896
RAGE Protein uniprot:Q15109
Fe2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000692
Apoptosis Pathway wikipathways:WP254
Hydrogen peroxide Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003125
TNFRSF1A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067182
p50 ATF6 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000118217
AGEs Metabolite chebi:84123
NAE1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000159593
Modulation of gene expression Pathway wikipathways:WP1821
NAC fragment Protein uniprot:P37840
APP GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000142192
Oxidative Phosphorylation Pathway wikipathways:WP623
beta-amyloid protein 40 Metabolite chebi:64646
Calcium Signaling Pathway Pathway None
Protein oxidation Pathway None
MAPT GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000186868
superoxide Metabolite chebi:18421
IP3 Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0001498
PI3P Metabolite chebi:17283
Cu+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000657
RTN3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000133318
Wnt signaling pathway Pathway wikipathways:WP428
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
APP intracellular domain GeneProduct uniprot:P05067
MIR101 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000199135
APBB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000166313
GAPDH GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000111640
ADAM10 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137845
BACE1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000186318
PSENEN GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000205155
PSEN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000080815
NCSTN GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000162736
APH1A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000117362
IDE GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000119912
MME GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000196549
LPL GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000175445
APOE GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000130203
LRP1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000123384
FAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000026103
TNFRSF1A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067182
FADD GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000168040
CASP8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000064012
Cx I GeneProduct None
Cx II GeneProduct None
Cx III GeneProduct None
Cx IV GeneProduct None
Cx V GeneProduct None
APP processing Pathway None
HSD17B10 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000072506
BID GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000015475
CYCS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000172115
CALM1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000198668
BAD GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000002330
CALM2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000143933
CALM3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000160014
CALML3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000178363
CALML5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000178372
PPP3CA GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000138814
PPP3CB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000107758
PPP3CC GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000120910
PPP3R1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000221823
PPP3R2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000188386
ADAM17 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000151694
PSEN2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000143801
APAF1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000120868
CASP9 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000132906
CASP3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000164305
SNCA GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000145335
GPCR GeneProduct None
GRIN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000176884
CACNA1C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000151067
GRIN2A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000183454
GRIN2B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000273079
GRIN2C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000161509
GRIN2D GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000105464
CACNA1D GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000157388
CACNA1F GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000102001
CACNA1S GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000081248
GNAQ GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000156052
PLCB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000182621
PLCB2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137841
PLCB3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149782
PLCB4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000101333
TNF GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000232810
IL1B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000125538
MAPK1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000100030
MAPK3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000102882
CASP12 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000204403
Apoptosis Pathway wikipathways:WP254
RYR3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000198838
ATP2A2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000174437
ATP2A1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000196296
ATP2A3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000074370
EIF2AK3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000172071
ERN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000178607
ATF6 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000118217
ITPR1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000150995
ITPR2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000123104
ITPR3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000096433
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
CAPN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000014216
CAPN2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000162909
CDK5R1 / p35 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000176749
CDK5R1 / p25 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000176749
NOS1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000089250
CDK5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000164885
MAPT GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000186868
CASP3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000164305
CASP7 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000165806
Apoptosis Pathway wikipathways:WP254
DNA damage Pathway None
Inflammation Pathway wikipathways:WP453
Lipid peroxidation Pathway wikipathways:WP1878
ONOO- Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0002179
MIR199B Rna ncbigene:406978
MIR381 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000199020
MIR181B1 Rna ncbigene:406955
MIR124-2 Rna ncbigene:406908
MIR181D Rna ncbigene:574457
MIR124-1 Rna ncbigene:406907
MIR760 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000211575
MIR184 Rna ncbigene:406960
MIR136 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207942
MIR181A1 Rna ncbigene:406995
MIR598 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207600
MIR181A2 Rna ncbigene:406954
MIR127 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207608
MIR34B Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207811
MIR101-1 Rna ncbigene:406893
MIR95 Rna ncbigene:407052
MIR488 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000202609
MIR138-2 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207649
MIR769 Rna ncbigene:768217
MIR218-1 Rna ncbigene:407000
MIR181B2 Rna ncbigene:406956
MIR138-1 Rna ncbigene:406929
MIR218-2 Rna ncbigene:407001
MIR495 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207743
MIR708 Rna ncbigene:100126333
MIR874 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000216009
MIR873 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000215939
MIR129-1 Rna ncbigene:406917
MIR129-2 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000199077
MIR139 Rna ncbigene:406931
MIR3200 Rna ncbigene:100422912
MIR431 Rna ncbigene:574038
MIR9-1 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207933
MIR9-2 Rna ncbigene:407047
MIR9-3 Rna ncbigene:407051
MIR326 Rna ncbigene:442900
MIR377 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000199015
MIR433 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207569
MIR323A Rna ensembl:ENSG00000199069
MIR134 Rna ncbigene:406924
MIR329-1 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207761
MIR329-2 Rna ncbigene:574409
MIR10A Rna ncbigene:406902
MIR33B Rna ncbigene:693120
MIR410 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000199092
MIR708 Rna ncbigene:100126333
MIR219-2 Rna ncbigene:407003
MIR22 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000275595
MIR125B1 Rna ncbigene:406911
MIR1307 Rna ncbigene:100302174
MIR34C Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207562
MIR34B Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207811
MIR887 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000216077
MIR182 Rna ncbigene:406958
MIR135A1 Rna ncbigene:406925
MIR135A2 Rna ncbigene:406926
MIR184 Rna ncbigene:406960
MIR127 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207608
MIR30C2 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000199094
MIR873 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000215939
MIR125A Rna ncbigene:406910
MIR671 Rna ncbigene:768213
MIR21 Rna ncbigene:406991
MIR1285-2 Rna ncbigene:100302268
MIR375 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000198973
MIR3176 Rna ncbigene:100423037
MIR124-3 Rna ncbigene:406909
MIR29A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000284032
MIR29B1 GeneProduct ncbigene:407024
MIR29C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000284214
MIR132 GeneProduct ncbigene:406921
MIR34C Rna ncbigene:407042
MIR375 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000198973
MIR124-3 Rna ncbigene:406909
MIR9-1 Rna ncbigene:407046
MIR138-2 Rna ensembl:ENSG00000207649
MIR138-2 Rna ncbigene:406930
MIR132 GeneProduct ncbigene:406921
MIR21 Rna ncbigene:406991
MIR21 Rna ncbigene:406991
MIR21 Rna ncbigene:406991
MIR21 Rna ncbigene:406991
MIR21 Rna ncbigene:406991
RTN4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000115310
INS GeneProduct ncbigene:3630
INSR GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000171105
IRS1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000169047
IRS4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000133124
PPID GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000171497
MCU GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000156026
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
beta-amyloid protein 42 Metabolite chebi:64647
beta-amyloid protein 40 Metabolite chebi:64646
beta-amyloid protein 42 Metabolite chebi:64647
AKT1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000142208
AKT2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000105221
AKT3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000117020
PIK3CA GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000121879
PIK3R1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000145675
PIK3R2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000105647
PIK3CB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000051382
PIK3CD GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000171608
PIK3R3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000117461
PIP3 Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0004249
EIF2AK2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000055332
MAPK8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000107643
MAPK9 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000050748
MAPK10 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000109339
GPR83 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000123901
CHUK GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000213341
IKBKB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104365
CHRNA7 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000175344
CYBB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000165168
NOX1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000007952
NOX4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000086991
NFKB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000109320
RELA GeneProduct ncbigene:5970
NRAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000213281
KRAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000133703
HRAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000174775
RAF1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000132155
ARAF GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000078061
BRAF GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000157764
NOS2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000007171
TNF GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000232810
IL1A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000115008
IL1B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000125538
PTGS2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000073756
IL6 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000136244
CSF1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000184371
DKK1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000107984
DKK2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000155011
DKK4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104371
MTOR GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000198793
ULK2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000083290
ULK1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000177169
ATG13 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000175224
ATG101 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000123395
RB1CC1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000023287
BECN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000126581
BECN2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000196289
PIK3R4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000196455
NRBF2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000148572
PIK3C3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000078142
AMBRA1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000110497
ATG2A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000110046
ATG2B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000066739
WIPI1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000070540
WIPI2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000157954
PSEN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000080815
GSK3B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000082701
beta-amyloid protein 40 Metabolite chebi:64646
beta-amyloid protein 42 Metabolite chebi:64647
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
KLC3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104892
KIF5A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000155980
KIF5B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000170759
KIF5C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000168280
KLC1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000126214
KLC2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000174996
KLC4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137171
TUBA1B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000123416
TUBA3E GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000152086
TUBA3D GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000075886
TUBA8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000183785
TUBA4A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000127824
TUBA3C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000198033
TUBA1A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000167552
TUBAL3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000178462
TUBA1C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000167553
TUBB3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000258947
TUBB4A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104833
TUBB4B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000188229
TUBB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000196230
TUBB8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000261456
TUBB2B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137285
TUBB2A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137267
TUBB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000101162
TUBB6 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000176014
WNT3A GeneProduct ncbigene:89780
WNT7A GeneProduct ncbigene:7476
WNT11 GeneProduct ncbigene:7481
WNT1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7471
WNT5B GeneProduct ncbigene:81029
WNT2 GeneProduct ncbigene:7472
WNT2B GeneProduct ncbigene:7482
WNT6 GeneProduct ncbigene:7475
WNT5A GeneProduct ncbigene:7474
WNT16 GeneProduct ncbigene:51384
WNT4 GeneProduct ncbigene:54361
WNT3 GeneProduct ncbigene:7473
WNT10B GeneProduct ncbigene:7480
WNT7B GeneProduct ncbigene:7477
WNT10A GeneProduct ncbigene:80326
WNT16 GeneProduct ncbigene:51384
FZD3 GeneProduct ncbigene:7976
FZD8 GeneProduct ncbigene:8325
LRP5 GeneProduct ncbigene:4041
FZD10 GeneProduct ncbigene:11211
FZD7 GeneProduct ncbigene:8324
FZD4 GeneProduct ncbigene:6424
FZD1 GeneProduct ncbigene:8321
LRP6 GeneProduct ncbigene:4040
FZD6 GeneProduct ncbigene:8323
FZD5 GeneProduct ncbigene:7855
FZD9 GeneProduct ncbigene:8326
FZD2 GeneProduct ncbigene:2535
DVL3 GeneProduct ncbigene:1857
FRAT1 GeneProduct ncbigene:10023
CSNK1E GeneProduct ncbigene:1454
DVL2 GeneProduct ncbigene:1856
DVL1 GeneProduct ncbigene:1855
FRAT2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000181274
TPTEP2-CSNK1E GeneProduct ncbigene:1454
GSK3B GeneProduct ncbigene:2932
CSNK2B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000204435
CSNK2A1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000101266
CSNK2A3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000254598
CSNK2A2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000070770
APC GeneProduct ncbigene:324
CSNK1A1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000113712
AXIN1 GeneProduct ncbigene:8312
CSNK1A1L GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000180138
AXIN2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000168646
APC2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000115266
CSNK1A1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000113712
CSNK1A1L GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000180138
CTNNB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:1499
PPP3CA GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000138814
PPP3CB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000107758
PPP3CC GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000120910
PPP3R1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000221823
PPP3R2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000188386
GSK3B GeneProduct ncbigene:2932
sAPP alpha GeneProduct uniprot:P05067
APP-C83 GeneProduct uniprot:P05067
APP-C99 GeneProduct uniprot:P05067
sAPP beta GeneProduct uniprot:P05067
EIF2S1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000134001
ATF4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000128272
DDIT3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000175197
TRAF2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000127191
MAP3K5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000197442
MAP2K7 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000076984
MAPK8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000107643
MAPK10 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000109339
MAPK9 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000050748
XBP1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000100219
DDIT3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000175197
XBP1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000100219
PSMA2 GeneProduct ncbigene:5683
PSMB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5689
PSMA5 GeneProduct ncbigene:5686
PSMB4 GeneProduct ncbigene:5692
PSMB2 GeneProduct ncbigene:5690
PSMA3 GeneProduct ncbigene:5684
PSMA7 GeneProduct ncbigene:5688
PSMA1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5682
PSMB6 GeneProduct ncbigene:5694
PSMA6 GeneProduct ncbigene:5687
PSMB5 GeneProduct ncbigene:5693
PSMA4 GeneProduct ncbigene:5685
PSMB7 GeneProduct ncbigene:5695
PSMB3 GeneProduct ncbigene:5691
PSMA8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000154611
PSMD8 GeneProduct ncbigene:5714
SEM1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000127922
PSMD1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5707
PSMC6 GeneProduct ncbigene:5706
PSMC5 GeneProduct ncbigene:5705
PSMC4 GeneProduct ncbigene:5704
PSMC3 GeneProduct ncbigene:5702
PSMC2 GeneProduct ncbigene:5701
PSMC1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5700
PSMD7 GeneProduct ncbigene:5713
PSMD6 GeneProduct ncbigene:9861
ADRM1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000130706
PSMD4 GeneProduct ncbigene:5710
PSMD3 GeneProduct ncbigene:5709
PSMD2 GeneProduct ncbigene:5708
PSMD14 GeneProduct ncbigene:10213
PSMD13 GeneProduct ncbigene:5719
PSMD12 GeneProduct ncbigene:5718
PSMD9 GeneProduct ncbigene:5715
PPIF GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000108179
SLC25A4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000151729
SLC25A5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000005022
SLC25A6 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000169100
VDAC1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000213585
VDAC2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000165637
VDAC3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000078668
SLC25A31 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000151475
CALML4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000129007
CALML6 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000169885
APH1B GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000138613
beta-amyloid protein 40 Metabolite chebi:64646
beta-amyloid protein 42 Metabolite chebi:64647
Ca2+ Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000464
MAP2K1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5604
MAP2K2 GeneProduct ncbigene:5605
MAPK1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5594
MAPK3 GeneProduct ncbigene:5595
beta-amyloid protein 40 Metabolite chebi:64646
beta-amyloid protein 42 Metabolite chebi:64647
PSEN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000080815
PSEN2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000143801


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