Polar auxin transport (WP2940)

Polar auxin transport pathway of rice. Even though we have shown a representative diagram of influx and efflux proteins on different but adjacent cells, the auxin influx and efflux transport proteins when present in the same cell, are often located in the plasma membrane of cell's opposite side or on the sides (left/right). All the different paralogs of influx and efflux proteins may not be present in the same cell. Often their expression and localization is tissue, cell, organ and development stage specific. This helps in directing the flow of auxin towards 'auxin maxima' sites in plant organs and cells as needed. In some cases auxin can permeate through the plasma membrane.
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Pjaiswal, MaintBot, Fehrhart, DeSl, Teacup, Mkutmon, and Eweitz

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Oryza sativa



Pathway Ontology: transport pathway hormone signaling pathway


Label Type Compact Identifier
H+ ATPase Unknown None
OS12G0133800 GeneProduct ensembl:OS12G0133800
H+ Metabolite chebi:24636
indole-3-acetic acid Metabolite chebi:16411
indole-3-acetate Metabolite chebi:30854
OS11G0137000 GeneProduct ensembl:OS11G0137000
OS11G0122800 GeneProduct ensembl:OS11G0122800
OS08G0529000 GeneProduct ensembl:OS08G0529000
OS06G0660200 GeneProduct ensembl:OS06G0660200
OS06G0232300 GeneProduct ensembl:OS06G0232300
OS05G0576900 GeneProduct ensembl:OS05G0576900
OS02G0743400 GeneProduct ensembl:OS02G0743400
OS01G0919800 GeneProduct ensembl:OS01G0919800
OS01G0802700 GeneProduct ensembl:OS01G0802700
OS01G0715600 GeneProduct ensembl:OS01G0715600
OS09G0505400 GeneProduct ensembl:OS09G0505400
OS01G0643300 GeneProduct ensembl:OS01G0643300
indole-3-acetate Metabolite chebi:30854
H+ Metabolite chebi:24636
H+ Metabolite chebi:24636
OS01G0856500 GeneProduct ensembl:OS01G0856500
OS03G0244600 GeneProduct ensembl:OS03G0244600
OS11G0169200 GeneProduct ensembl:OS11G0169200
OS05G0447200 GeneProduct ensembl:OS05G0447200
OS10G0147400 GeneProduct ensembl:OS10G0147400
indole-3-acetic acid Metabolite chebi:16411
indole-3-acetate Metabolite chebi:30854
H+ Metabolite chebi:24636
indole-3-acetate Metabolite chebi:30854
(H+)x2 Metabolite chebi:24636
(H+)x2 Metabolite chebi:24636
H+ ATPase Unknown None
H+ Metabolite chebi:24636


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