Galanin receptor pathway (WP4970)

Galanin, a 29-30 amino acid neuropeptide named to be so, as a glycine residue occupies the position at N-terminal and an alanine residue at C-terminal. Galanin is expressed in the central and peripheral nervous systems in mammalian species. The galanin family of peptides includes ‘GMAP’ (Gaalanin- Message associated peptide), ‘GALP’ (Galanin-like Peptide), and its splice variant ‘Alarin’ along with Galanin. There are three known G-protein coupled receptor subtypes of Galanin, namely, GALR1, GALR2, and GALR3. Galaninergic signaling is predominantly inhibitory which mainly involves MAPK, AKT, AC pathways Galanin peptides have a wide range of non-neuronal functions as well as classic neuromodulatory roles, therefore it is recommended to consider as regulatory peptides. Galanin in general is associated with several biological functions such as arousal and sleep regulation, nociception, learning, inflammation, feeding, and neuroendocrine regulation. It is also implicated in diseases like Alzheimer’s, depression, epilepsy, mood disorders, stress, anxiety, diabetes mellitus, and chronic pain. The creation of this pathway is described in [ Gopalakrishnan et al.]
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Keshav, Khanspers, and Mkutmon

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Homo sapiens



Disease Ontology: nervous system disease

Pathway Ontology: signaling pathway


Label Type Compact Identifier
KRT19 Rna ncbigene:3880
SLC2A4 Protein ncbigene:6517
CRP Protein ncbigene:1401
FOS Protein ncbigene:2353
INS Protein ncbigene:3630
UCP1 Rna ncbigene:7350
YAP1 Protein ncbigene:10413
CDKN1C Protein ncbigene:1028
PRKCD Rna ncbigene:5580
PPARG Rna ncbigene:5468
Go alpha 2 Unknown None
POMC Protein ncbigene:5443
SLC2A4 Protein ncbigene:6517
IL6 Protein ncbigene:3569
ADIPOQ Protein ncbigene:9370
PPARGC1A Rna ncbigene:10891
BCL2L11 Protein ncbigene:10018
Increase in plasmacorticosteronelevels Metabolite None
VEGFA Protein ncbigene:7422
VAMP2 Protein ncbigene:6844
Increase in cAMP production Metabolite None
CDKN1A Protein ncbigene:1026
Increase in bloodglucose level Metabolite None
PPARG Protein ncbigene:5468
Secretion of chlorine Metabolite None
TFAP2A Rna ncbigene:7020
CDKN1B Protein ncbigene:1027
CDKN1C Protein ncbigene:1028
Increase in plasmacorticosteronelevels Metabolite None
Increase in cAMP production Metabolite None
Increase in plasmacorticosteronelevels Metabolite None
CREB1 Protein ncbigene:1385
SLC2A4 Protein ncbigene:6517
PPARG Rna ncbigene:5468
CDKN1B Protein ncbigene:1027


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