CCL18 signaling pathway (WP5097)

A multi-cellular molecular signaling and functional network map of C-C Motif Chemokine Ligand 18 (CCL18): A chemokine with immunosuppressive and pro-tumor function
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Keshav, Egonw, and Eweitz

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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology: signaling pathway


Label Type Compact Identifier
ASAP3 Protein refseq:NP_060177.2
EZR Protein refseq:NP_003370.2
lnc-DENND3-2 Rna None
FZD4 Rna ncbigene:8322
Ca++ Metabolite pubchem.substance:271
CCR6 Protein refseq:NP_004358.2
GSK3B Protein refseq:NP_002084.2
PLCG1 Protein refseq:NP_002651.2
PIP2 Metabolite chebi:37328
PITPNM3 Protein refseq:NP_112497.2
hsa-miR-199a-5p Rna None
CCR8 Protein refseq:NP_005192.1
VIM Protein refseq:NP_003371.2
CDH5 Protein refseq:NP_001786.2
CDH1 Protein refseq:NP_004351.1
MAPK3 Protein refseq:NP_002737.2
CHUK Protein refseq:NP_001269.3
MAPK1 Protein refseq:NP_002736.3
HOTAIR Rna ncbigene:100124700
STAT3 Protein refseq:NP_003141.2
AKT1 GeneProduct refseq:NP_005154.2
CDH2 Protein ncbigene:1000
FN1 Protein refseq:NP_002017.2
PRKCZ Protein refseq:NP_002735.3
ITPKB Protein refseq:NP_002212.3
PTK2B Protein refseq:NP_004094.3
SRC Protein refseq:NP_005408.1
PTK2 Protein refseq:NP_005598.3
ITGA5 Protein refseq:NP_002196.4
ITGB1 Protein refseq:NP_002202.2
ANXA2 Protein refseq:NP_004030.1
FN1 Protein refseq:NP_002017.2
GPER1 Protein refseq:NP_001496.1
VCAM1 Rna ncbigene:7412
VCAM1 Protein refseq:NP_001069.1
RELA Protein refseq:NP_068810.3
RELA Protein refseq:NP_068810.3
ZEB2 Protein ncbigene:9839
JAK2 Protein refseq:NP_004963.1
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
CDH2 Rna ncbigene:1000
VIM Rna ncbigene:7431
FN1 Rna ncbigene:2335
MTDH Protein refseq:NP_848927.2
NFKBIA Protein refseq:NP_065390.1
VEGFC Rna ncbigene:7424
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
MMP2 Protein ncbigene:4313
FAM74A4 Rna ncbigene:7412
lnc-FLNA-1 Rna :lnc-FLNA-1
TCRB Rna ncbigene:7412
TTLL3 Rna ncbigene:7412
HIPK1-AS1 Rna ncbigene:101928846
lnc-MACC1-1 Rna :lnc-MACC1-1
MTERF4 Rna ncbigene:130916
UCA1 Rna ncbigene:652995
lnc-SLC35A5-1 Rna :lnc-SLC35A5-1
LINC02245 Rna ncbigene:400958
lnc-COL5A1-3 Rna :lnc-COL5A1-3
ATE1-AS1 Rna ncbigene:100130887
GOLGA6L17P Rna ncbigene:642402
LINC01881 Rna ncbigene:728323
lnc-ASAP2-5 Rna :lnc-ASAP2-5
TFAP2A Rna ncbigene:7020
ATF3 Rna ncbigene:467
STAT1 Rna ncbigene:6772
EP300 Rna ncbigene:2033
TEAD4 Rna ncbigene:7004
EP300 Protein refseq:NP_001420.2
LINC00319 Rna ncbigene:284836
LINC01357 Rna ncbigene:105378912
lnc-GOLGA8Q-1 Rna None
MYOSLID-AS1 Rna ncbigene:101927865
MIAT Rna ncbigene:440823
lnc-U2AF2-2 Rna None
lnc-PYGL-1 Rna None
lnc-RGMA-3 Rna None
LINC00649 Rna ncbigene:100506334
ATP6VOE2-AS1 Rna None
lnc-FANCM-1 Rna None
VASH1-AS1 Rna ncbigene:100506603
lnc-SSU72P8-2 Rna None
lnc-ESRRB-1 Rna None
lnc-SLC16A3-3 Rna None
LINC00266-3 Rna ncbigene:441123
LINC01089 Rna ncbigene:338799
RAD51-AS1 Rna ncbigene:100505648
LINC02582 Rna ncbigene:100505817
LINC00467 Rna ncbigene:84791
ECI2-DT Rna ncbigene:100507506
lnc-ZBTB20-1 Rna None
LINC00629 Rna ncbigene:100506757
LINC01770 Rna ncbigene:102724312
lnc-ZFP37-1 Rna None
LINC01361 Rna ncbigene:101927498
PPM1K-DT Rna ncbigene:105369192
lnc-SCN8A-1 Rna None
PRKAR1B-AS1 Rna ncbigene:101926963
LINC00974 Rna ncbigene:147093
lnc-PMAIP1-9 Rna None
POT1-AS1 Rna ncbigene:401398
BCYRN1 Rna ncbigene:618
IKBKB Protein refseq:NP_001547.1
ARF6 Protein refseq:NP_001654.1
IKBKG Protein refseq:NP_003630.1
ARF6 Protein refseq:NP_001654.1
ASAP3 Protein refseq:NP_060177.2
KAT2B Protein refseq:NP_003875.3
ASAP1 Protein refseq:NP_060952.2
MMP3 Protein refseq:NP_002413.1
CDH1 Protein refseq:NP_004351.1
SNAI2 Protein refseq:NP_003059.1
PTK2B Protein ncbigene:2185
KITLG Protein refseq:NP_000890.1
CDH1 Protein refseq:NP_004351.1
CXCL8 Protein refseq:NP_000575.1
SNAI1 Rna ncbigene:6615
CASP8 Protein refseq:NP_001219.2
VEGFA Protein refseq:NP_003367.4
TIMP1 Protein refseq:NP_003245.1
IL6 Protein refseq:NP_000591.1
CCR8 Protein ncbigene:1237
NRAS Protein refseq:NP_002515.1
LIN28B Protein refseq:NP_001004317.1
hsa-miR-98-5p Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000096
hsa-miR-27b-3p Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
IKBKB Protein refseq:NP_001547.1
CDH1 Protein refseq:NP_004351.1
VIM Protein refseq:NP_003371.2
PTK2 Rna ncbigene:4747
VIM Protein refseq:NP_003371.2
SNAI1 Protein refseq:NP_005976.2
SP1 Protein refseq:NP_003100.1
SMAD2 Protein refseq:NP_005892.1
SMAD3 Protein refseq:NP_005893.1
COL1A1 Protein refseq:NP_000079.2
IL15 Protein refseq:NP_751915.1
CCL2 Protein refseq:NP_002973.1
CCL3 Protein refseq:NP_002974.1
TIMP2 Protein refseq:NP_003246.1
TGFB1 Protein refseq:NP_000651.3
FGF2 Protein refseq:NP_001997.5
MAD1L1 Protein refseq:NP_003541.2
CREB1 Protein refseq:NP_004370.1
FOS Protein refseq:NP_005243.1
MAPK8 Protein refseq:NP_620634.1
MAPK9 Protein refseq:NP_002743.3
ELMO1 Protein refseq:NP_055615.8
KIF5B Rna ncbigene:3799
MT-CO2 Rna ncbigene:4513
CSF2 Rna ncbigene:1437
MMP9 Rna ncbigene:4318
CXCR4 Protein refseq:NP_003458.1
MTOR Protein refseq:NP_004949.1
ACTA2 Protein refseq:NP_001604.1
ACTA2 Rna ncbigene:59
hsa-miR-21-5p Rna ncbigene:406991
PRKCA Protein refseq:NP_002728.2
PRKCA Protein refseq:NP_002728.2
COL1A2 Rna ncbigene:1278
COL1A2 Protein refseq:NP_000080.2
CCR3 Protein refseq:NP_001828.1
CCR1 Protein refseq:NP_001286.1
CCR2 Protein refseq:NP_001116868.1
CCR4 Protein refseq:NP_005499.1
CCR5 Protein refseq:NP_000570.1
RAC1 Protein refseq:NP_002924.1
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
CDH2 Rna ncbigene:1000
POU5F1 Protein refseq:NP_002692.2
BMI1 Protein refseq:NP_005171.4
SNAI2 Protein refseq:NP_003059.1
SNAI1 Protein refseq:NP_005976.2
PRKCD Protein refseq:NP_006245.2
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
MTDH Rna ncbigene:92140
TWIST1 Rna ncbigene:7291
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
CDH2 Rna ncbigene:1000
VIM Rna ncbigene:7431
KIF5B Protein refseq:NP_004512.1
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
VIM Rna ncbigene:7431
ALDH1 Rna ncbigene:102867337
CDH1 Protein refseq:NP_004351.1
VIM Protein refseq:NP_003371.2
CDH1 Rna ncbigene:999
CD44 Rna ncbigene:960
LIN28A Protein refseq:NP_078950.1
SNAI1 Protein refseq:NP_005976.2
SNAI2 Protein refseq:NP_003059.1
TWIST1 Protein refseq:NP_000465.1
ZEB1 Protein refseq:NP_110378.3
ZEB2 Protein refseq:NP_055610.1
LIMK1 Protein refseq:NP_002305.1
CFL1 Protein refseq:NP_005498.1
EZR Protein refseq:NP_003370.2
ASAP1 Protein refseq:NP_060952.2
ITGAL Protein refseq:NP_002200.2
ITGB2 Protein refseq:NP_000202.3
TGFB1 Protein ncbigene:4313
IL10 Protein refseq:NP_000563.1
PIK3R3 Protein refseq:NP_003620.3
PIK3R1 Protein refseq:NP_852556.2
PTEN Rna ncbigene:5728
hsa-miR-92b Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-26b Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-877 Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-27a Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-106a Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-17 Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-20b Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-let-7e Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-miR-20a Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-let-7b Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
hsa-let-7d Rna mirbase.mature:MIMAT0000419
TWIST1 Protein refseq:NP_000465.1
CDH1 Protein refseq:NP_004351.1
CDH2 Protein refseq:NP_001783.2
VIM Protein refseq:NP_003371.2
VEGFC Protein refseq:NP_005420.1
CDH1 Rna refseq:NP_004351.1
MMP2 Protein refseq:NP_004521.1
FZD4 Protein refseq:NP_036325.2
PTEN Protein refseq:NP_000305.3
CCL18 Protein refseq:NP_002979.1
CCL18 Protein refseq:NP_002979.1
CCL18 Protein refseq:NP_002979.1
CCL18 Protein refseq:NP_002979.1
CCL18 Protein refseq:NP_002979.1
CCL18 Protein refseq:NP_002979.1
CDC25C Protein refseq:NP_001781.2
SNAI2 Rna refseq:6591
SNAI1 Rna refseq:6615
CD44 Rna refseq:960
PROM1 Rna refseq:8842
LDHA Rna ncbigene:3939
LDHB Rna refseq:3945
LDHA Protein ncbiprotein:NP_005557.1
LDHB Protein refseq:NP_002291.1
SLC2A1 Rna ncbigene:6513
HIF1A Rna ncbigene:3091
MYC Rna ncbigene:4609
ARNT Protein ncbigene:205
Histamine Metabolite chebi:18295


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